Housing Liaison Boards

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There are Housing Liaison Boards ( HLBs) in each Ward in Yardley District: Acocks Green, Sheldon, South Yardley and Stechford and Yardley North. HLBs are groups of tenants , leaseholders and owner occupiers  who meet once a month to influence Housing Department policy and to monitor the performance of the Housing Department . HLBs also work with Housing Staff, the police, local Councillors and other agencies  to build better neighbourhoods. Representatives  from  our Repairs contractors also attend HLBs who monitor their performance. HLBs have a budget for improvements to communal facilities  and do projects such as creating a new bin storage area at Needwood House Acocks Green.

16-01-04 Needwood Hse Bin store


Please email me on Andy.Sheppard@birmingham.gov.uk if you think you might like to try attending a meeting .

Block Champions Celebration

Yardley District will be celebrating their Block Champions on Wednesday 20 March 2013 at a special event at Stechford Cascades. Our Block Champions live in Yardley’s high rise and low rise blocks and they work with the Housing Team to ensure that all the services such as cleaning and repairs are delivered to a high standard.

Block Champions join with our Housing Officers and Neighbourhood Caretakers when they make their monthly block inspections and Block Champions also act as advocates on a range of issues on behalf of their Blocks.Image

Pictured above are Gwen and Janet,  Block Champions in Needwood and Rayleigh House. Gwen and Janet worked with residents in their blocks to ensure that their  aerial budget ( Blocks with aerials on the roof receive a special budget for improvements )  was spent on new fencing for both blocks to improve the security and appearance of the Blocks. Janet is also Chair of Needwood and Rayleigh House Residents Association and Gwen successfully campaigned for a new pedestrian crossing outside Needwood House.

If you live in a high rise or low rise block and would like to be a Block Champion or if you would just like to get involved ring Andy Sheppard on 0121 464 1615

Housing Liaison Board Projects


Housing Liaison Board Projects

The residents of Needwood House and Rayleigh House in Acocks Green asked for higher fencing for the communal gardens around both blocks to stop people stepping over the existing kick rail fencing to take short cuts over the gardens. Acock’s Green Housing Liaison agreed to match fund the budgets which both blocks receive for having aerials on top of the blocks, and the new fencing makes both blocks more secure and enhances the appearance of the whole area.