Acocks Green’s First Blue Plaque

Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum

The Forum was delighted to hear that Acocks Green has received the honour of it’s first very own blue plaque recently.

Some of our older readers will remember John Curry OBE (1949 – 1994), the local young man who, in 1976, made figure skating history. Millions of people watched in awe of his performance at the Winter Olympics where he won two gold medals for team GB. He very soon became a sporting hero and won BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

wp-1496266296709.jpg Arden Lodge, Warwick Road.  Former home of John Curry

But as time has gone on John Curry has slowly slipped out of the public consciousness and his untimely death in 1994 left a generation completely unaware of his achievements.

Actor and writer Tony Timberlake who had been a young boy when he first saw John Curry skate, embarked on personal journey to highlight the great success of the…

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1 thought on “Acocks Green’s First Blue Plaque

  1. Really pleased to see this plaque go up.I remember watching John win those medals in 1976 and he did seem to have become a forgotten local hero.

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