Sheldon Ward and Police Tasking meeting

B26 Community


How refreshing is was to see a large crowd of Sheldon residents attending the Sheldon Ward & Police Tasking meeting on Wednesday night at the Sheldon Community Centre in Sheldon Heath Road.

Cllr Tilsley

Councillor Paul Tilsley kicked off the proceedings by welcoming the delegates, he said he would start the meeting by giving everyone an opportunity to raise any concerns the Sheldon residents have regarding Sheldon Country Park.

Cllr Anderson

Councillor Sue Anderson gave a brief outline as to the situation at the present time in her capacity as a local councillor. She has tried very hard to to talk to various officers of the council, however, she said at this stage she doesn’t have any concrete information as to the situation regarding Sheldon Country Park.

Lols photo No 4

Lol Thurstan who is Treasurer of the friends group at the farm, explained to the delegates the committees knowledge of the situation so far. At the present time there are…

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