How budget cuts by BCC could affect Sheldon Country Park

B26 Community


Dear Friends,

We know filling out the survey about the proposed cuts to the Park Keepers and Rangers is not easy.

If you have found it too difficult you can always write/email directly to your Councillors.  Send your email before 18th January.

Click here to find out who your councillors are and their email address –

Include information on what difference your Ranger and/or Park Keeper makes to your park or open space and your friends group.

Here are some suggestions about what you could include in your email:

  1. Friends groups are a really good example of volunteers getting involved in delivering better local services for our communities.
  2. Volunteers aren’t allowed to do some kinds of work on their site without a Ranger or Park Keeper present.
  3. Volunteers working with the Rangers contributed 37,000 hours of work last year – on top of all they work volunteers do on their…

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