B26 is back for 2017

B26 Community

B26 Community (2)

You are all probably feeling a bit depressed now that most of you are back at work after the Christmas and New Year break. You may be glad in some ways that the relatives have all gone back home and you can once again have your home back. However, what day is it? I’ve totally lost the plot. We had a discussion on Sunday night (New Years Day), whether Monday was a bank Holiday or not, nobody was very sure whether it was or not. Are well… anyone for a turkey sandwich? 


(click on the photo to see more detail)

Now that B26 is back after the festive break, I will endeavour to bring you all the the local news and more, plus information on what is happening across our region. There are lots of issues to get our teeth into in 2017, so please continue to support B26.

Lols Photo for B26 Lol…

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