A great Black Country lady

Great tribute by Lol Thurstan

B26 Community

B26 News Report

Just as I was about to go to bed on Tuesday evening I opened my e-mails on my phone and was totally taken back with shock as I stared at an e-mail from a company called ‘Podnosh’.


Podnosh was a company that paved the way for the B26 Community website to be set up about four years ago. It was through this company that I met a person that inspired me. It was at a seminar in Kitts Green on the benefits of social media in the local community, which was organized by Birmingham Safety Partnership and Podnosh. That person was a lady from the Black Country  called Steph Clarke, she ran the seminar because Nick Booth from Podnosh was unable to attend due to other commitments.

Steph made a big impression on me that day, she knew everything about social media and how to get the best out of…

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