Sheldon Speed Watch Team working to make Sheldon safer

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The Sheldon Speed Watch Team

During the summer of 2014 and following many months of speed issues being raised at the Sheldon Police Tasking meetings, a proposal to establish a Speed Watch group was made and supported by the Sheldon Police with PC and PCSO efforts.

This was supported by residents in Arden Oak Road and Shepheard Road who managed to get a traffic sensor investigation carried out which showed significant increases in the numbers of vehicles now using these roads, due mostly to the Morrison’s supermarket development and the new traffic management at that point.

Over the following months a number of Speed Watch events took place using a small hand held radar device, clipboards and with members calling out details of vehicles exceeding the 30mph speed limit on several roads in Sheldon. Whilst a number of vehicles and their owners were identified through the Police and the Police…

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