Wild Flowers will Flourish

Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum

Locals may have noticed some work going on in Westley Vale Millennium Green in the last week or so. Firstly the Wildlife Trust suggested that the slope in the vale would be perfect for a wildflower meadow. This is part of the work that the charity do to enhance the environment for wildlife. The flowers will encourage bees, butterflies and other useful pollinating insects.

20160914_142022-1 The Wildlife Trust clearing the ground ready for seed-sowing.

Three people from the Wildlife Trust arrived to clear the ground ready for the planting a couple of weeks ago. The next stage is to put down a fast-acting weedkiller. For the flowers to flourish they need to get rid of perennial couch grass and other ground covering plants. The seeds will then be sown and will flower early summer. Below is a message from the Wildlife Trust about our meadow:

The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the…

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