Active Parks activities (Easter holidays)

Opportunities on Sheldon Country Park and Oaklands Park

B26 Community

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Activity for Easter holidays: Fun Family Session  (variety of activities which may include, soft archery, ball games, other sports and crafts etc.)

Session Details: Wednesday 10.00am – 12.00pm   30/03/2016 and 06/04/2016

Where to meet /location in park:  Opposite the play area.                                                    What to bring: If you have previously been to any active parks activity,  please bring membership cards and fob. (or you can register at the park)

Kind Regards

Paula Nelson

Active Parks Co-ordinator (Mon-Thurs only)

Birmingham Wellbeing Service
Place Directorate
Birmingham City Council
Ladywood Health and Community Centre
St Vincent St W
Birmingham, B16 8RP

Mobile:07885 235189

Easter in Sheldon Country Park 2016    Sheldon Country Park activities       Oaklands Park Yardley

(click on the posters to read all of the information)

B26 Community (2) supporting active parks.

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