A celebration for the life of Peter Jones

B26 Community

Peter Blood

On a cold but bright February Friday afternoon, a packed Yardley Crematorium arrived to the music of a Queen song, ‘Those Were The Days Of Our Lives’, to celebrate the life of a great Sheldonian, Peter Howell Jones. Peter’s friends, work colleagues and people who he had helped in his community work in and around Sheldon were also there to show the respect they had for him. I duly noted that two Sheldon Councillors, Councillor Paul Tilsley and Councillor Sue Anderson were there to pay their respect.

Peter had a very varied life, he worked in the manufacturing industry until the late 90’s and then after being made redundant worked for the blood transfusion unit, he was affectionately known as Peter Blood. He lived in Sheldon all of his life, however, he was very passionate about his Welsh back-ground and supported the Wales rugby team, especially when they played England.

Mr Richard Honeysett who conducted the service started by…

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