Sheldon Country Park Cycleway

B26 Community

Overview                Birmingham Cycle Revolution 2016

8.7.3 (301) Birmingham City Council is proposing to install a shared cycleway through Sheldon Country Park. The route will go from the Coventry Road towards King George V playing fields finishing near the airport and Marston Green Station adjacent to Hazledene Road. The pathway will be surfaced in bitmac (tarmac) with a bounded gravel surface dressing on top.

These proposals form part of the Birmingham Cycle Revolution (BCR) project which is developing a network of routes through green open spaces and along canal towpaths. The project is also developing routes on main roads, quieter back street roads, 20mph speed limit areas and other supporting measures including cycle parking.

The project is jointly funded by Birmingham City Council and The Goverment’s Cycle City Ambition Grant. As well as building routes like this, the project is working with schools, workplaces and at leisure centres to…

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