No one should have to give their vote away on 7 May

Standing Up For Birmingham

Everyone has the right to vote however they wish in the forthcoming general and local elections – that’s a given. But if you suspect or witness electoral fraud, support is available to help tackle it.

Pass on this information to anyone you think may be vulnerable to vote fraud:

  • Contact CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111 or online if you have evidence that someone is committing electoral fraud – you don’t have to give your name
  • Talk to Birmingham City Council’s Elections Office on 0121 303 2731 if you suspect vote fraud or are worried about someone who is vulnerable
  • Email the Elections Office at for guidance

Find out more on the dos and don’ts of talking politics and canvassing for votes.

#NoBrumVoteFraud #SU4Brum

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