Now we’re talking: Big conversations and big ideas

Standing Up For Birmingham

Over the past few months, neighbourhood ‘think and do tank’ Chamberlain Forum has been facilitating a series of themed conversations about the ways in which everyone can get behind the Standing Up For Birmingham (SU4Brum) campaign and ‘do their bit’ towards building a different-looking future for the city.

The conversations are hosted by Change Kitchen Community Interest Company, a vegetarian foodie social enterprise based at Camp Hill Circus. The sort of people who come along tend to be active citizens, entrepreneurs and people working in public services.

Below are some thoughts from the first four conversations – and ‘big ideas’ that could be taken forward.

Time banking: Where people trade time and skills without money changing hands…

Many taking part in this conversation felt that Birmingham already has a busy ‘time economy’ – purely based on people helping each other out.

In some Birmingham neighbourhoods, the time economy could be…

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