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Progress is going well on the Mallard Close Orchard. Sunday morning saw 10 enthusiastic volunteers helping prepare the land for the tree-planting which takes place on Saturday 16th March. This will be as part of  The Big Dig national event, encouraging people to get involved in community gardening schemes. Read more about it on their website and come along to the orchard on the day.

With all the digging over the last few months on the site, we were really hoping to find a Saxon Hoard or at least some valuable jewellery or maybe old British King or two. Mostly we have found historic sweet wrappers; there have been few interesting finds though. On the day of the Big Dig, we will have a table displaying all the ‘treasures’ that have been dug up.

Thanks to the support from local people who have taken an interest in the project and said nice words of encouragement, its…

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