Yardley Gardening Competition 2012

Yardley Gardening Competition 2012

This year there were 118 entries for Yardley Gardening Competition. The Competition is open to all Council Tenants and Leaseholders and this year there were six categories including best front garden, best back garden, best hanging basket, balcony or tub, best communal garden and best vegetable patch or vegetables grown in containers. The awards for the Gardening Competition were presented at Stechford Cascades on 25 October 2012 when over 180 people attended .The aim of the Competition is to reward those residents who care for their gardens and to encourage other residents to join in and so improve whole streets and neighbourhoods.
Pictured above is the winning entry for the hanging baskets, balcony or tubs category
If you would like to enter the competition in 2013 ring Andy Sheppard on 0121 464 1615 or email Andy.Sheppard @brimingham.gov.uk

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