Housing Liaison Boards

One of the best ways for Council Tenants and Council Leaseholders to get involved in improving their neighbourhoods is to join a Housing Liaison Board. Housing Liaison Boards work with Housing staff , the Police, Elected members and the Housing Department’s repairs contractor on projects to improve neighbourhoods. HLBs also monitor the performance of the Housing Department. HLBs are normally Ward based and there is a HLB for each of the four Wards in Yardley District. HLBs are given a budget ( based on the number of Council properties in the Ward) to improve Council Estates. These budgets are used on projects such as gating , cctv and fencing on communal areas where the community will benefit and not on improving individual properties. Owner occupiers can also join HLBs by invitation. For more details on HLBs phone Andy Sheppard on 0121 464 1615 , or email him at Andy.Sheppard@birmingham.co.uk

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